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Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Phytotherapy and the other methods of east asiatic medicine are increasingly popular.

Many patients are looking for so-called soft medicine treatments with less side effects. A rational integration of Chinese and Asiatic Medicine and their methodology has to fulfill three conditions which we guarantee for all research projects:

1) An understandable and rational theoretical basis

Herein the Heidelberg Model of Chinese Medicine ist especially qualified. It has produced numerous leading research results and is rated positively by the Chinese Official Authorities for Health: „… can be regarded as the future model to integrate Chinese Medicine in Western health care systems and research.”

In the following areas we have collected proves for an objective discussung about these amazing results of therapy with Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM.

2) Scientifical proof of effectiveness and diversity

The scientifical proof for several types of treatment even enables a double-blinding methodology. Click on the links for looking at the abstracts of these studies


We have sorted the themes after clinical departments and diagnosis areas.

  • Quality control in structured processes and quality of results

Quality control is an important requirement for the integration of Chinese Medicine. The best actual measure is a rational and extensive education in the clinical subjects of Chinese Medicine. This education is a so-called structure trait of quality control. The most intensive education is directed to the specialists of western medicine who aquire a profound knowledge of Chinese Medicine in a five year additional curriculum. Meanwhile the legendary “Master of Chinese Medicine” from the university of Porto is the measure of things (first of its kind in Europe). Since 2004 this study is also being offered in Germany. Origin of it is the Heidelberg School of Chinese Medicine which is a contracting partner of the universities of Porto, Rome and Istanbul. Many of these concepts have been taken over by the studies in Rome, Istanbul and Hamburg.

The quality of the results derives from these procedures: Sterility, cleanliness, personal equipment, security equipment, staff mirroring etc.
The quality of results of Chinese Medicine and its methods was not always successful in the acupuncture associations in the last decades. Instead nowadays the measurability of acupuncture in double-blinded studies according to the Heidelberg Model is setting up a new standard.

We do research in several research groups around the globe.

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